What are Transfer Factors?

What are Transfer Factors?

Transfer  Factors are found in cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk which reinforce general wellness. One simple way to understand this is realizing that mother’s milk, apart from nutrients, contains a large amount of transfer factors which ensure the wellness of newborn babies.


Discovery: Dr. Lawrence and David Lisonbee


Transfer Factors were discovered in 1949 by Dr. Sherwood Lawrence, a prominent New York University scientist, and it was him who named them transfer factors. He dedicated decades of his life to research into his great discovery.

David Lisonbee, in his continual personal research into wellness, learned about the importance of transfer factors and the work carried out by Dr. Sherwood Lawrence.


Bringing Transfer Factor to the World: 4Life® is Born


What started out as a simple desire to help improve his own health and that of his family quickly became a search for a way to give people all around the world an optimal life.

In over more than twenty years of research into food supplements, David Lisonbee realized what was the key to boosting the whole body’s wellness. While others searched for exotic fruits in remote corners of the world to discover the key, David looked within the human body: what he found led to a wellness revolution.

David and Bianca Lisonbee, convinced of the importance of transfer factors in people’s wellness, created 4Life Research in 1998: a company dedicated to the wellness of people and which does three things better than anybody: Science, Success and Service.